Member Spotlight: Dale Beasley

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Dale Beasley WCMAC Commercial Fishing Seat Dale is the President of the Coalition of Coastal Fisheries and of the Columbia River Crab Fishermen’s Association. He is an active member of… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Charles Costanzo

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Charles Costanzo WCMAC Shipping Seat Charlie is the Vice President of the American Waterways Operators Pacific Region. He advocates on behalf of the U.S. tugboat, towboat, and barge industry throughout… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Mark Plackett

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Mark Plackett WCMAC Citizen Seat Mark and his wife, Holly, have been married over forty years and run a business together in Ocean Shores called Plackett Enterprises. He works as… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Casey Dennehy

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Casey Dennehy WCMAC Recreation Seat Casey is the Washington Coast Program Manager for the Surfrider Foundation. He is actively engaged in the Shoreline Master Plan updates for Grays Harbor County,… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Jeff Ward

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Jeff Ward WCMAC Coastal Energy Seat Jeff worked as the Senior Program Manager for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Sequim for over twenty eight years. He now owns… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Arthur Grunbaum

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Arthur (R.D.) Grunbaum WCMAC Conservation Seat R.D. shows his leadership and passion through many community groups and conservation efforts. He is President of Friends of Grays Harbor and a member… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Mark Cedergreen

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Mark Cedergreen WCMAC Recreational Fishing Seat Mark moved to Westport with his parents in 1956 and purchased Westport Charters from his parents in 1976 after having commercially fished from California… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Larry Thevik

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Larry Thevik WCMAC Commercial Fishing Seat Larry is a lifetime resident of Washington State and has been the owner and/or operator of several commercial fishing vessels over the past 45… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Tiffany Turner

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Tiffany Turner WCMAC Economic Development Seat Tiffany is the daughter of a commercial fishermen and grew up on the Peninsula. She and her husband, Brady, own The Inn at Discovery… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Joshua Berger

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Joshua Berger WCMAC Commerce Seat Joshua started working at the Department of Commerce in November 2015 as the Economic Development Director for Washington’s maritime industry sector. Joshua brings a depth… Read more »