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How are we doing?
In a planning process that has so many moving parts, many participants are wondering, overall, how are we doing? This tool provides an updated progress report on the overall process.

The goals and objectives used in this tool were identified through stakeholder workshops, tribal government consultations, and a public SEPA scoping process. The action items used in this tool were approved by the Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council. Each row of this tool aligns the action items with the associated marine spatial planning projects.

The progress column provides a visual indication of whether the goals, objectives, actions, and projects are Complete (green), In Progress (yellow), or Under Development (grey). A website link for each completed project is available by clicking on the name of the project or under the MSP Projects page of the website.

View the MSP Progress Report here

For more information on the original documents, visit the:
MSP Actions List from July 9, 2014
SEPA Scoping Document from January, 2014
Draft Marine Spatial Plan Contents from April, 2015

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