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Sally Toteff
WCMAC Ecology Seat
Sally is the regional director for the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Southwest and Olympic Peninsula Region. She grew up on the lower Columbia River and has spent her career working on environmental and natural resource issues in local and state governments as well as the private sector. Sally has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Western Washington University. She currently works on community, tribal, economic, and policy issues throughout Washington State.

Sally Toteff

How did you get involved and why are you involved in the planning process?
Seeds of respect for our natural and working shorelines were planted long ago — and are a strong base for my participation in the marine planning process of today. Four generations ago, my family built their home along the shores of the lower Columbia River. I grew up in the commercial fishing family business that my granddad began. I learned about hard work, taking care of what you have, and the meaning of a handshake.

Today I have a career devoted to promoting environmental quality and healthy watersheds, and it’s an incredible opportunity to be part of the Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council. In my role as the regional director of Department of Ecology’s Southwest region, which includes the Washington coast and entire Olympic peninsula, I am able to represent broad expertise and knowledge about coastal communities and shoreline uses, coastal ecosystems, and regulatory processes that would apply to new proposals. I look forward to a plan that is based on strong science, best available data, community input, and one that is implementable.

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