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Cascade Economics completed an analysis of the economies of Washington’s coastal communities. The economic analysis provides the tools and data to characterize baseline conditions for ocean uses and their important relationships to coastal communities on the Washington coast, and can be used to evaluate the economic consequences of proposed uses or planning options in the future.

The final report includes:

  • An economic profile of the Washington coast;
  • Economic profiles of coastal tribal communities;
  • Profiles of current marine sectors;
  • An analysis of ecosystem services;
  • A social well-being assessment;
  • A risk and vulnerability assessment; and
  • A qualitative analysis of potential new uses.

Economic Analysis Graphic
The final report provides several tables of with overall impact of a current marine sector from potential new human uses. The above figure shows the current marine sector, the report lists potential impacts for each sector, then compares and documents the potential impacts of potential new uses.

For more information, read the Executive Summary or the Final Economic Analyisis Report

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