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The planning process identified many activities that occur in Washington’s marine waters. How will information about those activities be used in the planning process?


To avoid and minimize significant adverse impacts from potential future activities, current marine activities are identified, mapped, and researched throughout the planning process. An intent of the marine spatial plan is to ensure that future marine activities can successfully coexist with other activities and to help maintain a productive, healthy environment.

In order to do that, stakeholders and the state will evaluate conflicts between each type of activity and identify areas to avoid during future developments. Areas that are potentially suitable for new activities and areas that could benefit from potential new uses will also be identified through the planning process.

The plan will include information that helps managers avoid or minimize impacts to current marine activities when potentially siting future marine activities. State, local, and tribal governments can use this information when their authorities are triggered by a specific project proposal.

For more details, see the SEPA document and the MSP Actions List.


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