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What are the goals of the plan?


The goals will help guide the overall planning process but do not alter the requirements in the law (RCW 43.372). The planning process will work to achieve all these goals in the final plan.

    Overarching goal: To ensure a resilient and healthy marine ecosystem on Washington’s coast that supports sustainable economic, recreational, and cultural opportunities for coastal communities, visitors and future generations.

    Goal 1: Protect and preserve existing sustainable uses to ensure economic vibrancy and resource access for coastal communities.

    Goal 2: Maintain maritime coastal communities from now into perpetuity.

    Goal 3: Ensure that our marine ecosystem is preserved for future generations.

    Goal 4: Develop an integrated decision making process which supports proactive, adaptive and efficient spatial planning.

    Goal 5: Encourage economic development that recognizes the aspirations of local communities and protects coastal resources.

For more details, see the list of MSP goals, with their associated objectives and actions and the SEPA document.


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