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What new or expanded uses are being researched for the plan?


The marine spatial plan will address the following five potential uses in Washington’s marine waters:

  • Marine renewable energy such as offshore wind, wave, or tidal.
  • Dredge disposal in new locations.
  • Aquaculture in new locations including offshore.
  • Mining or mineral extraction.
  • Marine product extraction for cosmetic or pharmaceutical uses (sometimes also called bioextraction).

It is the aim of the plan to ensure that future developments related to these marine activities and uses are appropriately sited such that existing activities and new development can successfully coexist, while maintaining a productive, healthy marine ecosystem. The plan will seek to evaluate and identify areas that these new uses should avoid, areas that are potentially suitable for new uses, and preferred areas for these potential new uses. The core of the plan will be to understand, avoid and minimize impacts to important areas for existing, sustainable uses and to sensitive environmental areas.

For more details, please see the list of MSP goals, with their associated objectives and actions and the SEPA document.


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