Member Spotlight: Mark Cedergreen

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Mark Cedergreen WCMAC Recreational Fishing Seat Mark moved to Westport with his parents in 1956 and purchased Westport Charters from his parents in 1976 after having commercially fished from California to Alaska and operated charter boats from time to time. From 1996 until he semi-retired in 2015, Mark worked for the Westport Charter Boat Association… Read more »

Seafloor Atlas: Complete Maps of Substrate Now Available

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The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS), the Active Tectonics & Seafloor Mapping Lab (AT&SML) at the Oregon State University, and several contributing partners worked together to compile raw seafloor mapping data and stitch them together into a seafloor atlas. The group remapped data when necessary, standardized the classifications and methodologies, and applied existing ground-truth… Read more »

Indicators of Human Well-Being and Economic Health

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Washington Sea Grant developed robust human dimensions indicators that characterize the coastal communities. These indicators are intended to be part of the integrated ecosystem assessment that the Northwest Fisheries Science Center uses for ecological indicators. Economic indicators The figure below displays the five overarching categories of economic indicators: Demographics, Housing, Employment, Labor earnings, and Competitiveness…. Read more »

Economic Workshop

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Join Cascade Economics for an in-depth discussion about the Washington Coast draft economic report. Input from the workshop may assist in guiding the final draft of the report.   What: Economic Profile of the Coast Economic Profile of Washington Coast Tribes Recreation and Tourism Commercial Fishing on the Washington Coast Recreational Fishing Social Impact Analysis… Read more »

Social Indicators Workshop & Marine Resources Committee Meeting

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Join the North Coast Marine Resources Committee meeting for a presentation from and discussion hosted by Washington Sea Grant’s social scientist, Melissa Poe.   What: Learn about the human well-being assessment project methods. Discuss the draft conceptual model results for the northern coastal counties, which were built from an analysis of 2012-2013 stakeholder workshop notes…. Read more »

Final Report Released: Washington Ocean and Coastal Recreation Study

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​The Surfrider Foundation, in partnership with Point 97 and the state of Washington, recently completed a study on the non-consumptive recreational uses along Washington’s coast. Results show that survey respondents spent an average of $117.14 per coastal visit on things such as food, lodging, transportation, and shopping. Each year, recreation brings $481 million dollars to… Read more »

Tourism: Exploring Washington’s Baseline Conditions

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Join the Surfrider Foundations’ Washington Policy Manager, Gus Gates, for a presentation of the results of the Surfrider and Point 97 project to collect a baseline characterization of coastal and ocean recreational use patterns. What: Learn about the coastal and ocean recreational activities along the Washington coast. Discuss where speciic activities typically take place. View… Read more »

Q&A: How does the adaptive management strategy work?

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Q: How does the adaptive management strategy work? A: The marine spatial plan uses the best currently available data to make recommendations and guidelines. However, as new data and information about the marine environment and specific project proposals are available, these will need to be considered in marine planning decisions. Significant changes to information could… Read more »

Q&A: Why is there a significant focus on marine renewable energy?

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Q: Why is there a significant focus on marine renewable energy?   A: Several years ago, developers interested in pursuing marine renewable energy began seeking permits and licenses for this activity for various areas in Washington’s marine waters and elsewhere in the nation. Stakeholders, agencies and others were concerned that there wasn’t process in place… Read more »

Learn How Marine Spatial Planning Works

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Our ocean is a busy place. Many users, from beach dwellers to shellfish growers, fishermen to shipping operators, share the marine waters and public access. Marine spatial planning balances these interests and anticipates potential new uses while protecting sustainable practices and preserving healthy ecosystems.   Join Washington Sea Grant and the state’s natural resources agencies… Read more »