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The Department of Fish and Wildlife just released results from a monthly, two year survey of Washington’s outer coast which identifies forage fish spawning grounds. Results from each year were integrated to provide a comprehensive evaluation of all seasons.

The study:

  • Sampled 89% of possible spawning habitat on the outer coast,
  • Documented 40 spawning sites,
  • Found smelt eggs at 32 sites
  • Classified 20 sites as surf smelt spawning grounds,
  • Documented 10 new spawning sites,
  • Discovered several spawning events occurring during the spawning season.

Forage Fish Survey Sampling Methods
Forage fish play a critical role in the marine food web as mid-level pray and are harvested by subsistence, recreational, and commercial fishers in Washington. In recognition that coastal Indian Tribes are co-managers, surveys were collaboratively conducted with members and employees of the Hoh, Makah, Quileute Indian Tribes, and Quinault Indian Nation.

Read the final report
More information on WDFW and forage fish

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